If you enjoy gambling, chances are you have tried online casinos.

Two different methods can be used by casinos to offer bonuses at Vegas Technology-backed companies. The casino network will add a bonus to the player’s account when a deposit is made. All of this is automatic, and usually happens without any problems.

While the first method is undoubtedly the most user-friendly and effective way to add a bonus to a customer’s account, it does not allow you to talk to a support agent and ask if there is a better bonus than the one currently on offer. This is especially important for loyal players who frequent casinos as they may have a better bonus if requested.

There is another problem. The bonus is added to the player’s casino account immediately after the deposit. This means that players must meet the play-through requirements that accompany any bonus138. While this is not a unique situation, it does offer opportunities that are not available with other casino networks.

This brings me to the second method that Vegas Technology powered casinos offer bonuses for player deposits. They ask players to contact their customer support via toll-free long distance phone service or live chat. This is the most common way I contact support, but it can lead to long waiting periods.

You may not realize that the network requires you to contact support. You agree to receive the bonus, which means you will only bet on certain games. However, in the case of Vegas Technology, they do allow players to play other games such as blackjack, but only a small portion of the game counts for the play-through requirements.

That is the bottom line. Casinos give you a guarantee that you will be risking your money for longer than usual. However, by giving you a bonus, the casino can give you the opportunity to bet your deposit. If they win big, players don’t need the bonus. Once the bonus is added, the terms stipulate that each bonus and money must be played (approximately) thirty times.

The support will tell you that you cannot take the bonus if you have just won a large amount of money. This is because your account has been inflated. It is wise to ignore the bonus and enjoy the fact that you have more, if not more, than you would have if you received it on deposit. However, there is no play-through requirement.

Cash anytime.

Both approaches have their own advantages when it comes to awarding bonuses to players’ accounts. The fact that players will most likely lose bonus money to the casino in most cases means that players will prefer the bonuses that are given at deposit. This is because those alternatives can lead to long waiting periods that can take up to an hour. There is also the advantage of an alternative method which becomes apparent when a player wins a big win. They don’t have to stop playing, even if they receive a bonus.

It’s really a matter of perspective. For those who are most likely to succeed, bonuses at Vegas Tech powered casinos will be added later (if needed). The bonus will be of no use to most players. They expect to play for some time, regardless of whether they win, but they can still bet for whatever amount they have put aside.

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