Online Reputation Control – Branding, Insurance, Or Blind Luck?

In today’s world, it’s all too easy to ignore your online reputation. It’s even easier to just yawn right away and let someone rip it into an almost unrecognizable brand that you’ll admit to being involved with. Every blog, community site, customer review, or competitor has hundreds of different options for voicing your views and concerns about the company. If you haven’t already, start understanding how to use tools to monitor social media and take proactive steps to keep your business going.

Your second option is to ask a simple question: online slot agents

Can this happen to me?

Yes definitely can.

As a case in point, I pulled a local article from Washington CEO Magazine’s Top 100 Companies for work in 2007. I pulled a few names off the list and did a quick Google search. Here are some of the headlines I found on the exact names of the “top 100 companies:

Result 7 – Zillow – Google Title “How Good Are Zillow Estimates?”

“Zillow comes in at 5% of the price in one-third of the deals studied by The Journal. That’s more than 25% of the target on 11% of them. In 34 out of 1,000 deals, Zillow was down more than 50%. ”

Our view: If you are a Zillow user or investor, chances are that you have seen this article and some people liked it. How does one feel that the Wall Street Journal (considered one of the most respected news sources) says that Zillow zestimates is 50% off?

Result 6 – Comcast – Google Title “A Comcast Technician Sleeps on My Sofa” A Comcast cable technician comes in to change the cable modem and falls asleep while waiting for the customer service group. As of this article viewed: 1,219,303 times! (At 58 seconds long, that’s a LOT of bad reviews for Comcast.) It has 714 comments.

Our View: Holy smoked Batman bonus138. 1,219,303 views! I don’t know of any company that wouldn’t experience a marginal impact on marketing, sales, and customer service numbers when a million different people have witnessed how weak Comcast support is.

Result 3 – Spokane Federal Credit Union Review – Citysearch Review – “I had an account with Spokane Federal for years and I was never really impressed, they just took care of what I needed and nothing more, overall I would say that they are met, did not exceed my expectations”

Our View: While the Spokane Federal Credit Union has a lot of coverage, it would be easy to overlook the less-than-good reviews that say they are just mediocre.

Result 3 – Zango – PC Hell: Zango Removal Instructions – “Zango is an entertainment site with free access to videos, music, games and other downloads. The site is free for all users, but paid for by advertising. Visitors are presented with an end user license agreement which they accept prior to downloading any content.”

Our View: This is a Desktop Software company that has hordes of people using Zango gaming software, and every time someone mentions their name on Google, you get “PC Hell – Zango Removal Instructions” thrown at you. If I bought a pre-installed desktop system, you can bet I’d have it removed in a jiffy. I don’t need a casual gaming platform that slows down my PC while I need to count my data or send important emails.

It makes no difference who you are (how big, or how small), this can happen to you.

It happened to Comcast and Zillow.

This also happens to small people.

If you look at this issue from a strictly numbers standpoint, Comcast buys the keyword “comcast” itself from Google so as to keep the company branding and results at the top of Google. If I buy that keyword, it costs about $1.25 per click, and there are an estimated 5,500 clicks per day for that keyword (i.e. a daily budget of $6000 to $8000 per day for that keyword).

If Comcast only paid $.25 per visitor for that keyword – imagine that 1,219,303 views of that video cost Comcast a minimum of $250,000 in lost “clicks”, not counting how many customer service problems and public relations problems it caused.

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