Finisher Gambling Togel Player number 18 Daniel Negreanu

Player number 18 finisher Daniel Negreanu – Negreanu announced that he is willing to bet up to a million dollars to win a bracelet in 2020 before the series begins, and has made great progress after only two events have taken place. He earned his last chip with 9 Spades 9 Diamond Suits in this event, only to meet 10 Heart Suits 10 Club Shirts online pot-limit Omaha bracelet winner Matthew ‘Mendey’ Mendez. Negreanu’s nine failed to come from behind and he was sent off to virtual rails for $5,849.

By the time the final table was set, Lynch was sitting in second chip position behind Daniel ‘IntoTheRiver’ Fischer. Sean ‘bahbababa’ Prendiville scored the first two KOs at the final table, beating Matthew ‘Michmeister’ Mich (8 – $15,627.59)) and Jon ‘jonnyg93’ Gisler (7 – $20,691.28) to climb to the top of the leaderboard with six remaining players.

Lynch is involved in the next massive confrontation. He raised and summoned a three-bet push from Jason ‘haderade’ Somerville. The WSOP bracelet winner and popular online lottery streamer held A Heart Suit K Diamond Suit, which raced against Lynch’s 10 Hearts 10 Club Suit. Neither player improved and Somerville crashed out in sixth place ($27,762.99), while Lynch took over the pole position.

Prendiville caught a few early opponents at the final table, but he fell back down the leaderboard while playing short-handed. He ended up getting the last ten big blinds of the button holding Q Suit of Spades9 Suit of Hearts, only to have Kevin ‘GoneBananas’ Garosshen move all-in with 9 Suits of Spades9 Suits of Spades out of the small blinds. Case nine came on the turn and set enough to send Prendiville home in fifth place with $37,890.37.

Fischer was the next to fall when he pushed with K Diamond Suit 10 Diamond Suit and was called by Ryan ‘KOVID19’ Ko, who was holding J Club Shirt 10 Club Shirt. Ko turned a jack-high straight and held back from there to eliminate Fischer in fourth place ($52,383). Garosshen got his final chip by three-bet push from the big blind with A Club Shirt5 Suit of Spades facing a button raise from Ko, which is called A Diamond Suit 7 Diamond Suit. Ko made a quad seven by the river bonus138. Garosshen earned $73,423.50 as a third place finisher.

Despite earning the most recent two eliminations, Ko played a heads-up game with less than a third of the chips that Lynch sat on. The lead stretched even further as the last hand appeared. With blinds 170,000-340,000 and a bet of 34,000, Ko pushes for 2,246,570 from the button holding Q Spades Suit6 Club Shirt. Lynch summons with 6 Spades 6 Diamond Suits. Downboard 10 Heart Suits 5 Diamond Suits 4 Spades Suits 2 Diamond Suits 8 Diamond Suits and the six Lynchs are held to lock the pot and title.

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