Pennsylvania Supports Legislation That Will Ban Smoking Inside Casinos

Pennsylvania Supports Legislation That Would Ban Smoking Inside Casinos – HB 2298, introduced by Rep. Dan Frankel, will amend the Clean Indoor Air Act of Pennsylvania. It would help to close a loophole that would allow companies like casinos and bars the discretion whether they allow smoking indoors.

A group whose goal is to bring cleaner air to Pennsylvanians is pushing lawmakers in the state to permanently ban smoking in casinos.

The Breathe Free Pennsylvania Coalition, which is made up of the American Lung Association, The American Heart Association and the American Cancer Association, and other health advocacy groups, supports legislation that would ban the practice.

When casinos reopened after COVID-19, regulators forced operators to do so without allowing smoking inside. The coalition wants it to remain permanent, even after the pandemic is over.

According to a local Fox affiliate, casino workers showed up at the Free Breath Coalition virtual meeting to express similar sentiments and that the workplace environment has improved since the ban was imposed.

“We are all very happy to be here,” said the worker. “I’ve seen people blow smoke into my face when I wrote the jackpot. I don’t think we should suffer because of what other people choose to do with their lives. ”

There is some legal precedent for enforcing the ban. In 1967, there was an amendment to the country’s constitution guaranteeing the right to clean air.

Position of Californian MPs Propose Slot Betting Bill – The economic downturn stemming from the reaction to the COVID -19 pandemic led to a drop in tax revenues as well.

In California, several lawmakers looked at the budget deficit and decided that one of the easiest ways to alleviate the shortfall was to legalize slot betting in the country’s most populous state bonus138.

According to a report from the New York Daily News, Senator Bill Dodd and Assemblyman Adam Gray, both Democrats, filed a bill that would amend the state’s constitution, making retail and online betting laws legal in the Gold State.

The spread of the coronavirus and business closures in response to it led to a $54 billion deficit in the state budget, according to Governor Gavin Newsom. Slot betting is the only new market the country can use as a new revenue stream to help reduce that number.

“The amount of money that can be raised for the benefit of the state by online betting is estimated at $700 million per year,” Dodd told the media. “We are looking to get that revenue for a COVID type of budget where we need to look for every opportunity to increase our revenue at a time when we have to make a lot of cuts.

Like other countries that have voted to amend the country’s constitution, voters will have the final say on the matter via a ballot referendum on the matter this November, if the bill is passed.

The bill will tax gross income on brick-and-mortar betting at a rate of 10 percent, while revenue from online sportsbooks will be hit at a rate of 15 percent. Operators will pay an initial $5 million licensing fee and a $1 million annual fee for online books. Licensees will be required to send one percent of all revenue to help fund a problem gambling program.

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