Plans for what the future of live casinos in the US will look like after COVID-19

Plans for What the Future of Live Casinos Will Look Like in the US after COVID-19 – The concept of live casinos has been around for some time, and many live casino goers love the idea of ​​having a land-based casino experience on their devices. Although live dealer games were popular before the coronavirus pandemic, their popularity has really skyrocketed with many casino lovers cooped up in their homes.

However, land-based casinos are thinking of reopening their doors with certain measures in place to comply with social distancing regulations. Let’s see what these measures are and how they will affect live bonus138 casinos in general.

Casinos in Nevada Will Reopen, but Must Follow Guidelines According to which offers a list of live dealer online casinos for players from the United States such as live blackjack and live dealer roulette casinos which Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak ordered all casinos and other venues to close their doors to visitors in mid-March. The final deadline for reopening was extended, causing land-based casinos in the state to lose millions of dollars in revenue.

No wonder why the place is now hoping to reopen to visitors once again. However, they will not be able to operate, unless they follow the guidelines proposed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Basically, any casino that wants to work has to follow some rules. For example, games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, and poker will only allow a limited number of players at the same table.

In addition, workers should regularly disinfect all critical surfaces. This is a surface that many people touch while playing casino games. In addition, only a small number of guests are allowed, and no large groups of people are allowed to enter the casino at once.

Basically, the rules come down to this – clean as often as possible and ensure that social distancing occurs. The nightclub and restaurant will not function until further notice. With all this in mind, can casinos in Nevada (or anywhere else in the world where they open their doors to visitors) expect casino visitors to come along?

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